Rural Environmental Support

Provider Name Contact Information Description
Appalachian Voices
(828) 262-1500
Appalachian Voices fights against mountaintop removal coal mining, fracked-gas pipelines and other harms to the people and places of Appalachia. They also work to advance energy efficiency, solar and wind power, and other economic solutions that create community wealth and sustain Appalachia's mountains, forests and waters.
Christians for the Mountains
(304) 799-4137
Stopping abuse to the land and its inhabitants, such as the destructive practice of mountaintop removal coal extraction, is an important work of CFTM. However, CFTM is not only against abuse, but is for a sound, clean, sustainable economy with high quality of life in sufficiency of material goods, neighborliness, social and ecological harmony, richness in culture, mutual service, and bright hope.
West Virginia Rivers
(304) 637-7201
West Virginia River's mission is to conserve and restore West Virginia's exceptional rivers and streams.