Rural Environmental Support

Provider Name Contact Information Description
Albert Ettinger
(773) 818-4825
Albert Ettinger is an Illinois attorney who focuses on protecting water quality and implementing the Clean Water Act. Mr. Ettinger is unable to provide pro bono services; however, he is willing to talk to you about your possible options.
Northwestern Law Environmental Advocacy Clinic
(312) 503-0052
The Northwestern Law Environmental Advocacy Clinic is a law school environmental advocacy clinic that is staffed by environmental lawyers working with law students, generally on a pro bono basis.
Washington Law School Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic
Tara Rocque, Assistant Director: (314) 935-5837
The Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic (IEC) functions as a pro bono law practice handling environmental and community health cases. IEC staff and students engage in litigation and advocacy as part of an interdisciplinary team, which includes students from the schools of law, engineering, arts and sciences, public health, medicine, and occasionally business and architecture. IEC cases tackle some of the most challenging and important water, air, waste, climate change, and environmental justice problems in the region. The IEC works in Missouri and Illinois, and on some cases of national scope.