Rural Environmental Support

Provider Name Contact Information Description
Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors
(641) 209-6600
Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors (JFAN) is a nonprofit educational foundation composed of rural and town residents, and traditional family farmers. Their common concern is to stop the growth of infringing factory farms in Jefferson County and protect our Quality of Life. JFAN provides direct educational resources and support to residents of Jefferson County and surrounding areas, as well as education with residents of other areas seeking knowledge and best practices for stopping infringement into their communities.
Northwestern Law Environmental Advocacy Clinic
(312) 503-0052
The Northwestern Law Environmental Advocacy Clinic is a law school environmental advocacy clinic that is staffed by environmental lawyers working with law students, generally on a pro bono basis.
Sierra Club Iowa Chapter
(319) 366-2428
The Sierra Club Iowa Chapter attends to issues of statewide importance. They work with state agencies, the Iowa Legislature, and other environmental organizations to protect Iowa’s environment. The Chapter takes legal action to protect Iowa’s environment when it is necessary and appropriate. Through action alerts, they provide their members opportunities to contact legislators and other decision-makers about pending environmental issues. They also endorse candidates for political office, as well as assist the candidates’ campaigns. Iowa Chapter members care about clean water, clean air, healthy ecosystems and sustainable agriculture. They support clean, renewable energy solutions to mitigate climate change. As part of a national organization, many of their members volunteer on national issues and serve on national committees. The Chapter also benefits from exchanging information with members in other states. The Iowa Chapter of the Sierra Club is the largest environmental non-profit in Iowa that endorses candidates, lobbies at the Capitol and empowers volunteers to engage with elected officials.