Rural Environmental Support

Provider Name Contact Information Description
Georgia Clinicians for Climate Action
GCCA educates and advocates on the importance of the impacts of health from climate change and offers solutions to mitigate those impacts. They have the data and experience with real patients. Anything they can do to educate other clinicians and communities, they make themselves available.
Satilla Riverkeeper (912) 421-8972
The Satilla Riverkeeper is dedicated to the Satilla River, its tributaries, and its terrestrial watersheds that support healthy fisheries, safe swimming, diverse wildlife populations, superb recreational opportunities, a stable water supply, and sustainable human economic activity throughout the basin. They monitor, document, investigate, and report pollution issues to ensure adequate enforcement and corrective actions. They also advocate for sound environmental policy and watershed management at local, state, and federal levels. Lastly, they engage members and communities through education and outreach, seeking to increase advocacy of the Satilla River, tributaries, and watershed.
Sustainable Newton
Sustainable Newton is a grassroots, community-based 501(C)(3) charitable organization founded by like-minded residents of Newton County in Georgia. They strive to create a world where people and planet are as important as profit -- and where future generations matter. Sustainable Newton drives solution-oriented local responses to the global issues of Climate Change and sustainability by building awareness with, engaging, and enabling fellow citizens, businesses and local governments to take positive, meaningful steps.